Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wight King BSB update

Finished my Wight King BSB...he's currently on display at the local Games Workshop!

Firehawks WIP

Finally got around to doing more work on this Firehawks commission for a friend. All the tanks look like this presently:

oh, and say hi to Ted, the Doombringer!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Planetary Empires

Rules packet for the Planetary Empires campaign I'm running are finished. It is still version 1 so feel free to post some comments regarding it.

The Koronus Expanse                                                                                            

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Help stop SOPA

Please follow this link and write/call/email your congressperson today:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Immortals? No, lets talk C'tan.

So my father passed away last Friday and I've more or less secluded myself away while dealing with funeral arrangements and the like. I was able to secure the funeral at Arlington National Cemetery as he was a Major in the Marine Corps who flew Marine One for two presidents during his service. 

However, this is a Warhams 40k blog so I'll do my best to discuss the reworkings of the old Star Gods in the new Necron Codex. 

They got some stat reductions, putting them at S7 T7 WS5. BS5 for some reason. I4, so a c'tan is generally not going before Marines. I find the low initiative rather odd as they're Star Gods.

Powers are generally over costed for what they do and as each power can only be taken once per army, taking three more or less results in roughly a waste of 500 points.

The only worthwhile combos are: 
Thunderbolt + Swarm.
Writhing + Pyreshard.
Lord of Fire + Grand Illusion.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Necron Auto-include

While there are a few of them, this auto-include is probably the best:

Cryptek with Solar Pulse and Eldrich Lance

This model, when paired with Imotekh, allows for turn one alpha strikes. Simply take a court of crypteks with Lances and one with a Solar Pulse and laugh as you demoralize and destroy your opponent before they get to do anything. Even if you go second this tactic works by the way as you can either seize on a 4+ courtesy of the Stormlord or decide to go second and deploy 36 inches away.

Throw in a few doomsday arks and a Triarch Stalker and your opponent might as well pack up his toys.

Good work to GW by allowing for another 'leafblower' 8(

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Necron FAQ Released

Necron erratas have been released. These come off the the Games Workshop Spanish site. These may be specific to the Spanish version of the codex, but here they are. I also posted a Google translation piece afterwards. Its a poor translation, but it helps get the point across I think.


P47.- Corredor dimensional. Sustituye la primera frase por “[...] elige una unidad de Necrones amiga que no sea un vehículo[...]”

P50.- Rayo de muerte. Sustituye la tercera frase por: “Cada unidad (tanto amiga como enemiga) que quede bajo esta línea, sufrirá un número de impactos igual al número de miniaturas de dicha unidad que se encuentren bajo la línea.”

P53.- Plataforma de reparación. Sustituye la tercera frase por “[...] añade 1D3 miniaturas a la unidad (las miniaturas pueden mover y actuar de forma normal ese turno) . Esto no puede hacer que el número de miniaturas de la unidad supere su número inicial.”

Google translation done by Andilus Greatsword

Here's the straight-up Google translation
P47 .- dimensional corridor. Replace the first sentence "[...] Choose a friend Necron unit other than a vehicle [...]"

P50 .- Ray of death. Replace the third sentence: "Each unit (both friendly and enemy) that it is under this line, suffer a number of hits equal to the number of thumbnails of the unit who are under the line. "

P53 .- Platform repair. Replace the third sentence "[...] added by the unit 1D3 thumbnails (thumbnails can move and act normally that turn). this does not can make the number of models in the unit exceeds their initial number."

I think thumbnails = models or units. Anyway, it seems really weird that they're allowing you to target friendly models with the Death Ray

Necron themed words!
Ziggurat :
1.  an ancient Mesopotamian temple tower consisting of a lofty pyramidal structure built in successive stages with outside staircases and a shrine at the top; also : a structure or object of similar form.

1.A state of drowsy contentment
2.Also, keef. a substance, especially a smoking preparation of hemp leaves, used to produce this state.
Amusingly enough, Google doesn't recognize either of those as properly spelled words.